Who I am

– Expressive – Passionate – Determined – Ambitious – Hard working –
Dare to be different!


At 19, Stéphanie leaves her village of Saint-Antoine, New-Brunswick for the big
city of Montréal. Her goals? Broaden her horizons! Hairstylist for more than 15
years, Stéphanie has a vast experience in hairdressing and hairstyling. During
her artistic projects, she made her mark in the metropolis and is now a Plateform
Artist with Oligo Professionnel Canada.

Always on the hunt for new techniques and trends, she doesn’t hesitate to push
her limits and get out of her comfort zone! She takes part in hair competitions with
determination and passion. Failure is not an option. She wants nothing less than
to win them all!

For Stéphanie, inspiration is everywhere: on walkways, on celebrities, in the
street, in art and even in architecture. Influences are everywhere and it’s with
pleasure that she transforms and amplifies them in hairstyling and colour.
You’ll recognize her style by her transformation of classics. She adds a touch of
originality and boldness. Stéphanie fuels on challenges: be it on a colour
correction or a big makeover, she’ll meet your needs and leave you amazed.

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